New Orleans Mission Trip Day 3

June 24, 2009

Another great day in New Orleans. We rose early and left for our worksite at 7:15 am. We traveled not too far to two different houses that were flooded from the storm. Both were relatives. Following the storm they fled to Marshall, TX and there were 65 family members in all who survived. Fridella’s house has been completely gutted at some point and is now in the remodeling phase. We hung sheetrock on the inside and scraped and painted the outside. The other house was Fridella’s mother. There were scraped and painted. All the students worked extremely hard and with joyous spirits. Everyone was working together as Micah and Andrew entertained with puzzling word riddles. We had lunch together at Fridella’s house. The two houses were a mile apart. It was somewhat unfortunate that our group had to be split, but we made the best of the situation. After having our honey baked turkey sandwiches we got back to work. Fridella’s mom had quite a surprise for us. She came home with pizza, juice, and oatmeal creme pies. Even though we had just finished lunch we all took a break and enjoyed her generous hospitality. She was wonderfully gracious. Her response to our thanks was, “I just want to treat people like they deserve to be treated.” Landry one of the grandchildren in the family was near the age of our students so Kirk, Ryan, and Seth spent time with him talking and encouraging him. Those three provided such an awesome ministry to Landry and they may never understand its powerful effects.

Following work we had some treats for the students. Unfortunately the hotel we are at doesn’t have a pool. It was damaged in the storm and has yet to be fixed. So we took the group to another hotel with a working pool near the airport and gave them the chance to swim, eat pizza and enjoy their first treat; an IBC Rootbeer for each. The puzzling word games continued and everyone had a great time. We loaded an arrived at our second treat; Ro-Bears Sno-balls. It is like a cajun cone, but you can also have it stuffed with soft serve ice cream. Since it was Ryan’s birthday and Kimberly’s from Sunday we sang happy birthday and theirs was free.

We made it back for our devotional where we talked about John 12:23-26 where Jesus speaks of the wheat and grain and serving Him. You have to read this in the message, because the wording he uses makes this scripture come to life. At one point Jesus encourages them to live a life or “reckless love” rather than control. He asks them to serve Him and then follow Him not the other way round. When we do this we can be ready at a moment’s notice to serve his people. This can definitely make us think about what serving the Kingdom means. We serve not in any old way, but in such a way that Jesus would actually be serving so that we would then follow Him. Another point we made was that serving others in the name of Jesus is not something we simply do, but it is who we are. We live in a Kingdom that serves with reckless love because we are people of that nature. When Jesus is who we are and not what we do, then we will compel others through the Holy Spirit to want to serve and follow Him and join God’s Kingdom.

Tomorrow we are returning to these two sites. Wednesday is a short day for work so that we can have some time here to enjoy the culture and have some fun. I can’t wait to see the reunion between Landry and those boys, Fridella her grandsons and that group of students, and Fridella’s mom and her hospitality.

Pray for these families as they rebuild their homes and their lives. Add Sean and Tyrie to your list. They are grandsons of Fridella and are precious boys who have humble spirits.


One Response to “New Orleans Mission Trip Day 3”

  1. Leah said

    Ice cream yesterday, ice cream today. You sure Jim planned this part?

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