New Orleans Mission Trip Day 1

June 22, 2009

Well we began to load at 5:00 am and before you knew it we had everything loaded, Mike Cope lead us in prayer, and we loaded and were out of the parking lot at 5:30 am. It was the fastest we had ever been at getting on the road.

The road trip was great and smooth. We made 3 stops along the way to stretch our legs and our stomachs. In between stops we all kept ourselves busy with books, conversation, movies, and plenty of Ipods. There were few complaints if any regarding our 13 hour trip. What a blessing!

Once we arrived we hit the ground running. We all got checked into the Hotel and Jim T. and myself went and turned in the paperwork for Operation Nehemiah. After we all got settled in the hotel we walked just a few blocks to go eat at Mother’s. This is a great place to eat. They serve mostly Po Boys and other southern delicacies. After stuffing ourselves and mingling with the staff there we headed back to the hotel.

We then gathered for our devotional for the evening. We talked about the idea that we are all in this together linked by the Holy Spirit. The fact that we are linked together makes us sharers in faith with those in New Orleans, Abilene, TX, and even places far away like Zimbabwe. We are all together in this mission for the Kingdom of God and when we come around the table to commune we are one. If there was any doubt amongst our team about whether we are suppose to be here, the Body (bread) and Blood (Juice) of Jesus drives out doubt and instills confidence in our mission to serve in His name.

We are now all heading to bed…well at least the adults are heading to bed and the students are sequestered to their personal rooms.

We look forward to tomorrow where we will be working in a cemetery cutting down weeds and digging trenches.

Praise be to God who cherishes all or our offerings of love no matter how big or small we may feel they are.


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