This beatitude is one of the most straightforward of any.  The idea of mercy here is in direct contrast to justice.  Not that justice isn’t something Christians should desire, but personal justice so that someone else gets there’s is not our goal.  The pursuit of justice follows with the pursuit of punishment, while the pursuit of mercy follows with the pursuit of forgiveness.  As Christians we should be consumed with not just receiving forgiveness, but extending it as well.

When someone shows mercy there is no better blessing than to be able to receive mercy back.  We give not to receive, but when we become people who practice extending mercy, we will be blessed with God’s mercy.

As Communal Christians when we stand on our “rightness” and our ability to prove others wrong we stand along with justice and we will stand alone from God.  When we stand in our pursuit of mercy with other Christian denominations, other religions, and others not seeking God we stand with God.  It isn’t that we choose a different way than Christ.  It is that we choose to extend mercy over retaliation.  Jesus humbled himself and took accusations and punishments for things he didn’t do, thus choosing mercy even while on the cross with the criminal and the crowd.  What will we choose?