Crossing Over

August 1, 2008

Crossover is our High School in-town retreat that welcomes our new 9th grade students and helps us bond as an entire group.  This event has become a favorite among high school students at Highland and is the highest attended single high school event.  This year our theme is, “Rock the World.”  We will be covering how Jesus is our Rock, His radical nature, and how this impacts us.  The Senior class has been heavily involved in the planning of this weekend, but there are still some surprises coming there way along with everyone else.  We are going to have a great weekend in worship with our very own Logan Pringle and hearing the word from Lee Fletcher.  We will serve our church through a service project that will have a house painted in one day that could have taken weeks.  There are 75 students signed up and 25 adults helping throughout the weekend.  This is going to be a great weekend and we are all excited at how this will kick off our entire school year.  Please be praying as the ninth graders cross over into high school and as we cross over into a deeper image of Christ.



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