His Grace Reaches Us!

July 21, 2008

If you had a child attend ACU Leadership Camps this summer, chances are you have had a discussion about Grace!  I just finished Kadesh 3 this past Friday and it was an amazing week.  We had 20 students at camp last week and I’m sure there were others at other sessions.  Kadesh always holds Bible Study and relationships as its top priority.  Their message is solid and our students grow after each session.

Why Grace?  Don’t we talk about Grace a lot in church now?  Could there be a better message for our students to hear?  I don’t think so.  As I worked with my group during Kadesh it was obvious that we have a grasp on forgiveness, but grace is still foreign.  Grace is foreign because of it being free and that God cares enough to give it to us.  It is truly troubling when you think about how you don’t deserve grace at all, yet God sent his only Son to die for you anyway.

“His grace reaches us!”, is an intentional title.  His grace does reach me personally, but His grace is for the communal body as well.   We are desperate seekers of His goodness and when we find grace personally, our entire community of faith is strengthened.  When we participate in a community of faith that not only receives grace, but extends it, we become Kingdom people who can change our world through being the incarnate Jesus! 

God’s Grace is for us all!


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