July 7, 2008

   Vacation!  That is where my family and I have been for the past week.  We first headed to Houston so that I could officiate a wedding and then we stayed there and around so we could spend some time with family.  Oh they just love those grand-babies. 

Vacations are extremely common among our culture and range from simple to extravagant.  Some go camping, some stay home, while others head to Hawaii or some other exotic destination. 

We know that vacations are worth it, but what does it actually do for your family.


We live in an area where the pace of life is slow.  Do you feel that?  While there isn’t as much traffic and everything is only 15 minutes or less away our lives sustain an all too busy schedule and drive.  When we can get away and slow down and rest our family recharges and thrives.  Rest doesn’t require scheduling or obligation.  It requires intentional slowness.


Families need time to have fun together.  Growing up it was the times we played as a family that I cherish and remember most.  Play doesn’t necessarily take planning or forethought as much as it requires looseness.  Find the sparkle in your child’s eyes and let loose.  Let them see a side of dad they rarely take in and allow them to experience mom with little reserve.  Playing hard will bring refreshment to the family.


Vacations are seen most purposefully in spending time together.  Families are in all different directions with kids involved in academics, sports, arts, and church and adults involved with work, household responsibilities, and church the family spends less than a few hours together every day.  Vacations are an excellent way to spend almost all your time together and allowing that availability to renew your family ties.

While vacations can be stressful and make you more tired than when you began it will rejuvenate your family life and allow the Holy Spirit to redeem what the world tries to take away.

We got back last night and I’m tired, but as a family we are refreshed!


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