June 19, 2008

We have one Mission Trip completed (Impact) one in progress (Mexico) and one coming in July (Fortress).  Also we have students in almost all of the Into All The World campaigns.  We are serving all around the world with mission efforts that are helping children, churches, homeless, and brothers and sisters.  It is a complete joy to see all that God is doing!

I went with our middle school boys to Impact in Houston this past week and the trip was amazing.  We had one student who when asked about his trip and how it was couldn’t stop describing how they prayed over people in the park that was full of homeless men and women.  That’s amazing since for one of our fun adventures we went to Schlitterbaun.  I was in class on Sunday morning and as the teacher taught the adult class a lady that is bound to a wheelchair due to muscular and development difficulties said in slurred speech, “It’s all going to be alright!”.  One of our students handed a homeless man and took his hat off and immediately asked if he could pray over the man.  I couldn’t imagine such courage and spiritual maturity when I was in seventh grade.  And then there was Louis, who we met across the street from the church.  A Vietnam Veteran who has been homeless his entire life.  His message to our boys was to finish school, because he didn’t.  After visiting with him sharing some cookies and giving some food and water one of our ninth grade boys prayed over him with everyone else laying on hands.

The trip was remarkable and these are a few highlights.  Catch one of our seventh through ninth grade boys and ask about their journey for even more stories.

I can’t wait to hear from our Mexico Missionaries!


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