Welcome to the 3D Ministry Parent’s Blog

May 12, 2008

Note:  For two years now we have had a website just for our ministry.  Along with that website we have had a blog just for parents.  Unfortunately, following a computer crash we lost the ability to update that site.  However, now we this wordpress and hope to update at least weekly.

Welcome!  A few people have asked me since February 22 if I felt like a real parent yet.  Fortunately, before the question I had been thinking about this exact question.  My response is simple.  Not really, parenting involves guidance, processing, deep interaction, and spiritual leadership.  Right now I feel that we are sustaining life more than anything else.  While we still have some of those characteristics in our almost 3 month olds we are not able to fully parent just yet.  However, it is coming and I am sure you all have smug faces and a devilish grin as you think about what is coming my way.

Parenting is tough and rewarding, sometimes all in the same moment.  I always say during 6th grade parents class and Faith Decisions that having a group of parents together to talk to one another is spiritually forming and encouraging to you as a parent and the body of Christ as a whole.

I hope that this space on this blog will be a place where parents can virtually connect so that they can connect personally as well.  I pray that this space is affirming and encouraging.  I envision this as a place where parents of the students we work with can be informed and transformed.  I hope to not be the only writer of this blog.  I hope to recruit you as parents to help as well.  May God do a mighty work with our families and this ministry.

It’s Worth It!,


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