When Life Hands You Lemons…

January 18, 2007

This has been a crazy week.  We have been hit with cold temperatures, ice, and snow.  We have cancelled the Winter Retreat, Sunday Morning Church, and Wednesday Evening Church.  I would imagine that we are all anticipating normal again.  We are rescheduling the Retreat and changing our calendar somewhat for things like Faith Decisions that need to be reworked.  However, it will all be Lemonade when we are done.  We appreciate your flexibility and patience as we adjust.

Families are handed lemons as well.  Some families more than others.  We learn how to make Lemonade or sometimes the Lemons rot and we throw it all out and begin anew.  There is a season for both.  Being a family is a struggle and intense.  There is intense passion within the family.  Since God has made each of us unique we don’t always see things the same way.  When times are intense or when struggles appear it may be hard to see the lemonade that awaits or what newness may come.  We surround ourselves with friends, family, church family, and sometimes professionals.  These are God-given and needed relationships for our maturity and spiritual well-being, however, I want to encourage us not to forget the basics God has given us.  The basics of prayer, scripture, meditation, sabbath, fasting, and worship.  These “basics” from God give us what we need daily when things are good or bad to maintain and grow in our relationship with Him and His people.  These basics make newness a reality and Lemonade so much sweeter!

God Bless Your Journey with God, Jesus, Spirit, the people who serve Him, and the people who still need Him.  And may God bless your journey of parenting.


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