The Approaching New Year

December 27, 2006

New is a way of life, especially in America.  We get new clothes, new cars, new homes, new spouses, new children, new everything.  New isn’t always bad, in fact God created new and continues to create new in our lives.  We awake every morning to a new day with new perspectives and new opportunities.  God also loved a mix of old and new.  He loved when His people remembered their past while looking forward to the future.

 Today, we are just 5 days from a new year.  As people of faith we look back at our year and remember the blessings of God and look forward to a new year that will greet us with His mercies, His grace, and His joy.

 What has been the most memorable moment for your family from 2006?

What are your aspirations as a family for 2007?

Where has God taken your family this past year?

What would God like to do for your family this next year?

May God Bless Your New Year in 2007!!


New Blog for Parents

December 20, 2006

Earlier when we launched our site we had a blog for Parents.  However, it wasn’t working for us to be able to blog regularly.  So we are trying this out!  When the new year rolls around our goal is to blog every week giving updates or cool info we have found.  If you want to write once in a while for us or you found something you think every parent should hear, just let Michael know.  His email is attached to this blog!


Hello world!

December 20, 2006

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!